The original script for Room Service fared extremely
well in the few screenplay contests into which it was
entered.  After barely missing the first prize in Doug
Neff’s 2009 ‘Back in the Box’ competition, writer Michael William Hogan teamed with Doug to produce the  film.

Producer Doug immediately went to work assembling a brilliant production team, including first-time director Stephanie Edmonds; director of photography Jenny Benedicto; and all-around do everything assistant camera/digital technician/editor and poster printer Marcus Dreeke.

A casting call was put out for the three characters.  Many exceptional candidates ventured to Hollywood to read lines and, after tough deliberations, we had our actors.  Mary LeGault took the role of ‘Amanda’; a worldly and sophisticated beauty with a penchant for late afternoon showers.  Former college standout and NFL player Anthony Alabi tackled the part of ‘Gerard’; Amanda’s dinner partner.  And the very talented Jason Palmer made for an easy selection to perform the role of the ‘busboy’.

The vast majority of the film was shot in a suite at an upscale hotel in Hollywood.  Additional scenes and footage were captured in Las Vegas.  All involved were true professionals and you can expect to see their names in the credits of many, many films in years ahead.

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Ready to roll.


Actress Mary LeGault visualizes her character, ‘Amanda’ prior to a first take.


Jason Palmer as ‘Busboy’ and Mary LeGault as ‘Amanda’ prepare to nail their lines.


Actors Jason Palmer and Anthony Alabi prepare for another take, with Director Stephanie Edmonds and Digital Technician Marcus Dreeke looking on.


Anthony Alabi savors the fact that he doesn't really have to eat that stuff on his plate.


Makeup artist Jill Galsterer applies some finishing touches to Mary LeGault between takes.






Production Notes

"Difficult to Stomach"

Several authentic 'meat products' were used during filming of the dinner scene in Room Service.  After exposure to hot lights for several hours, they took on a rather repulsive stench.  Only inches below her nose, the smell was increasingly difficult for actor Mary LeGault to endure, so the crew located a potent men's cologne and thoroughly sprayed the offensive flesh between takes.



"Your Arms are How Long?"

At 6'5" tall and 265 pounds, actor and ex-NFL football player Anthony Alabi is a big man. Wardrobe consultant Cheryl Fitzgerald went to great lengths to achieve a proper fitting for his role in Room Service. The largest tuxedo shirt available off the shelf had but a 39" sleeve length. To accommodate Anthony's 41" requirement, Cheryl cut off the sleeves and extend them using giant safety pins. Though a bit itchy, the extension job was well hidden under the big man's designer tux jacket.

  "Vladimir Chachinsky"

Screenwriter and Executive Producer Michael Hogan made a cameo appearance in Room Service; appearing on the cover of "Cannibal Cuisine" magazine as Amanda's father, Vladimir Chachinsky.